Philosophy and Humor.03




There is a time and a place for everything under the sun

including things that are serious and things that are fun.

We take this opportunity to wish a belated happy Rosh Hashanah

to the Jewish faithful.



Conversation Between Two Buddies: A and B


A: You know I just realized that my fiancee, my intended, is   

   also my boss!


B: How is she your boss? You don’t even work for her.


A: She has beauty, brains and is also very sexy. She is just



B: But when did she become your boss?


A: She is super and she is my intended. That makes her my




Some people strive to be in the “in crowd”

or perhaps in the “in pack”.

But the people who should be really proud

are those who make an impact


towards the solution of the problems

that plague the global community.


By doing little things to help eradicate

poverty and disease

and being careful not to participate

in the pollution of the air and the seas


and by performing a “random act of kindness”

at every opportunity.



The Axis of Evil: Fear and Greed


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

But if we take out the fear, then what do we have left?

The only lasting thing that greed will bring

is the state of being greedy.

But perhaps the root cause from which greed does spring

is the fear of being needy.


Quote: from FDR.



The Chicago Cubs and Sox will play other teams

in early, October 2008!

But will they play against each other

on a later Fall Classic date?


Both the Cubs and the Sox

are in post season play

and that in itself

is a good reason to say


Wall Street will soon rebound.


The financial crisis was precipitated

by the sub prime loans

but a World Series victory is anticipated

in all the Cub time zones!


Because the Cubbies are expected

to wear the Series Crown

after beating the Sox

in the big show down.



John Danks is a White Sox pitching ace.


If John Danks can throw a baseball

at 96 miles per hour

then why can’t Congress restore to the banks

their credit extension power?


And help our economy to go back

to a bullish stance and mode.


And if the Cubs and the Sox

can win their respective divisions

then investors can buy stocks

by making sensible decisions


and not all at once

try to unload.



But why not draft superwoman Palin

to give the economy a big pull?

Because she is just as strong...

as a powerful pit bull!



The Cubs and the Sox are in RAP

and Chicago is on the map.







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