News Item: The Pope is scheduled to visit America in April


Papal Visit


Before the Pope arrived on the White House lawn

his plane had touched down shortly after dawn

after a pleasant flight from the city of Rome.

He was met on arrival by Secretary Rice

whom the Pope then proceeded to congratulate twice

on the informal concerts she has in her home.


An Eighty First birthday is a very special event

and the Pope will spend his with the President

a man who is not without social wit and charms.

The Pope will undoubtedly lead the faithful in prayers

and after talking with Bush about world affairs

he will explain the Moor's Head on his coat of arms.


It is now time for all members of the Christian Church

to meditate deeply and diligently search

for the truthful meaning of the Rule of Gold.

If you try to treat others

as you would have them to reciprocate

and treat all men as brothers

then few will respond with hate.


America should be blessed by the Papal visitation

from the east to the west and the rest of the nation.


Papal Coat Of Arms




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