The Miracle of Life


Is man trying to duplicate or imitate the work of God?



Instead of trying to play God scientists should try praising God! By their knowledge of the complex yet beautifully profound

laws and symmetries of nature, scientist know, much better than

the layman, that the probability of it all falling properly into place, over billions of years and billions of interactions, all purely by chance is extremely very small. The Entity that caused

it all to unfold, just in the right way so that man could experience and observe it, is worthy of the most unbridled praise. The faithful believe that that Entity is God.


Generally when something that is beneficial and that also has an extremely low probability of occurring, actually occurs, it is called a miracle. Most people believe that the existence of the Universe and of man is very beneficial. So therefore the creation of the Universe and of man is indeed a miracle.


The faithful believe that the only true “maker of miracles” is God. But even if you believe in the evolution of nature, would it not be prudent to reason that after millions of years of the evolutionary process, perhaps Mother Nature has gotten it right? Maybe she has refined the fundamental processes of life in just the way that they should be. And therefore any alterations, deletions or additions should be approached with extreme caution. After all, what is the knowledge of man, accumulated over a few thousand years, (when) compared to the “knowledge of mother nature” which has been accumulated over millions of years from natural interactions all over the earth?



A Pro View On The Inter Connections of Math and Science


Every branch of science has a manifest reliance upon

the discipline of math

for without a tool for the calculations

to correlate his observations

the scientist will end up taking a “proverbial bath”.


But his comprehension of the laws of the sciences

has enabled man to create some amazing appliances

and for that he should give praise.

But the stars are beyond his ability to create

so he must resign himself to the fate

of the small part that he ultimately plays

but he can always gaze...

up at the heavens that “declare the glory of the Lord...”



The Evil Snake


A snake is able to spiral around a pole

and man by listening to the lies he told

saw his Utopian future

spiral out of control!


But if the hand of God

man is willing to hold

and the search for Truth becomes his goal

then a new vision for the New Millennium

will begin to unfold.