The Europeans are making the protons to collide

casting the American scientists aside..

While we are arguing about lip stick on pigs

they are discovering the particles of Higgs.


Hockey moms and pit bulls are both real tough

but we have to put the focus on the important stuff

or we will find ourselves getting so far behind

that we will need someone to explain the real cosine.


The cosine and sine have a graph like waves

that helps us design an aircraft that behaves

like a very efficient flying machine

that flies on the energy of kerosene.


So even if one of them wears lipstick

a hockey mom or pit bull can't help us to pick

the best way to teach math in school

unless someone persuades the kids that to do so is cool.


A cosine has nothing to do with loans

but is more related to musical tones

but if you want to co-sign a real cool pact

sine on” to help bring America back...


to the top of the scientific heap

because all of the quarks should be ours to keep.


A Science Fair Rap  on YouTube