Hysterics In Lyrics


A mother is crying in hysterics

because of the shooting of her son

but does she really believe that gangsta rap lyrics

are just all in innocent fun?


The problems will not be solved

in a single day or night

but the solution will start to evolve

when the conditions are right.


And the conditions will get right

when you have made up your mind

to move forward toward the light

and leave the past behind.


And if the present,

is not what you want it to be

then express your goals

with music more musically.


No one is perfectly blameless,

so stop looking for someone else to blame.

But some rappers may be so shameless

that they would want things to stay the same!


So that in ten years

they could still have careers

in rapping the same old crap

and mothers will still be in tears

from the violence across the map

that is now reaching the suburbs

from the inner city zone

a movement that surely perturbs

the people who have gone...


there searching for a little peace and quiet


So let's hope that in ten years hence

when the present is past tense

we will have pulled on our own boot straps

away from violence of the raps


by just refusing to buy it.



And the mothers will no longer be in hysterics

because their sons have been killed

And rappers of gangsta rap lyrics

will no longer have appeal

but will be relics of not so distant past times.


And we can help to rehabilitate them

by helping them to change their script

and then re-celebrate them

as positively cool and hip


in their rap of positive rhymes.


So the problem will not be solved

in a single day or a night

And it will take less single moms

to get conditions right.


So why not wait,

for the right responsible man

and you can make him wait

if you show him that you also can.


And if he should leave

for sex with someone else

then he will have left you

with respect for yourself.