Humor For December



The Reader should note that “ice cycles” rhymes with “price nickels”


Business Cycles and Ice Cycles


What does an ice cycle

have to do with the “price of a nickel”?

Well, the price of a nickel can vary on the

foreign exchange

and an ice cycle will not tarry if the

temperature should change...


and become hotter by several degrees.


And the purchasing power of a nickel

depend upon various interest rates

which influences the amount per hour

that a nickel deflates...


which is not independent of events over seas.


But if a nickel is embedded in an ice cycle

in a state of being froze

then it may stay that way until the Bulls make

their play

or until the Bear Market Close.



Dollars and Dolls


Dollars are the focus of international finance

and Dolls are (where the smoke is) engaging in


But some Dolls want euros instead of dollar bills

and some molls may even follow Hugo’s through the

Venezuelian hills.


But there are some Dolls who are scholars who pay

taxes to Uncle Sam

on all the money they earn dancing...

when not studying for the Bar Exam.



The Twins of Twenty


Twenties are “twens of tens”

or should we say twins of tens?

Thirty comes only after you add another

ten to the pile.

And forty used to be the age of has beens

until plastic surgery came in style.


Fifty thousand is what a star of rap

probably makes for just one concert gig

but $60 Billion is the Market Cap

for a company that is quite big.


The Seventies featured the Bee Gees

and other musical delights

and in the Eighties there was Reagan

and his conservative insights.


While the Ninety Nights of Summer

are a gift to any one year

a master guitar strummer

is always delightful to hear.



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