Humor In Truth.1




A “Swapportunity” is an opportunity to swap

something bad for something that is good.

A Swapportunity is an opportunity to stop

doing bad things and to do things we should.



Age, like the numbers on a page

do not indicate the true contents

and to say that youth has a monopoly on the truth

is a form of pretense.




Age is just a number on a page

but it may help to increase your wage

as your experience reservoir

gains more content.


But the contents of your wallet

will keep your finances solid

until it is all spent.




The Spring of 09

is by design

one of the very best.

Because the baby birds of spring

are so anxious to sing

that they wont stay in their nests.




If there existed a quarter inch extension
along the spatial axis of the fourth dimension
could it at all be detected?
And would the authorities in international civics
and the scientists of geology and  the physics
have all the maps corrected?

If the extension is more than a quarter of an inch
then could it be detected by the French
at the super conducting super collider?