Miller High Life

in the gold and white can

or a cold Budweiser

for the fun loving man.

Either is OK

when moderately drank

and will not make you play

like a fool of high rank.


Life is for the living

a wise man once said

but those who love giving

will lead a life that is well led.


So go to the page

and make your donation

and if your are of legal age

you may drink in moderation.



If you are a telecommuter

by way of your computer

does that mean

that you work at home?


Maybe you drive

to your office beat

by way of the boulevard or the street

in a car with lots of chrome! 



In Summer the high

is often 88 degrees

and some Jazz pianists play high

on all the 88 keys


in the concert after dark.


But the boys of summer

will still run the bases

and the fans will continue

to drink beer by the cases


at the old American Baseball Park.






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