A window is an opening through which you can view

things that are new

or things that have been previously seen.

A door is an opening through which you can also view

or even make an exit through

into a larger out of doors scene.




News That Is At Least 99.9% True


The earth will continue to revolve around the sun

and to rotate on its axis

and a teacher’s career would soon be done

if she wrote on the board “the facts is”.




But the facts are...




When wheat is exposed to heat

it become bread which is good to eat

and the process is called baking.

But when one eats more steak

than the stomach can take

a severe tummy ache is likely in the making.




Winners and Spinners


A winner will win

more often than he will lose

but a spinner will try to spin...

away the reality of bad news.



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