Honesty Is The Best Policy



If something is not broke

then donít try to fix it

just let all things stay

in their proper place.


But when on a losing streak

some gamblers will try to nix it

by trying to fix

the next big race.




A Trip To The Top Via Smart Hip Hop


If there is hip hop

at the very tip top

of the cerebral intellect

then donít refuse

to apply and use

the head above your neck.



A Specialty Of Alice Is Financial Analysis


The Present Value of future cash flows

depends how the interest rate goes

whether up or down...

And although funds due in the future

must be properly discounted

cash on hand should be fully recounted

before a potential thief

has a chance to skip town.



Math/Science Humor


He calculated the derivative of acceleration

and came up with the Jerk

and then proceeded to file

an application for work.

And he landed a great position

that came with several perks

that included the supervision

of assorted office jerks.


















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