Humor, Comments 

and an occasional Observation

that sometimes may stimulate

a moment of contemplation.



The resident of Rome

already has a home

in a city that is special

in so many ways.


And whenever he does roam

and then returns home

he is back in the city

where the Pope usually prays.



The leaders at a Summit

will generally sum it up

after all of the factors

have been carefully weighted.

And since their deliberations

are slow and not abrupt

their high level conversations

are not good to interrupt

until a decision been made.



It has been often said

that April showers bring May flowers

but now you soon will have read

that it is June that powers


Summer into July.


And that by the time

that the hot days of August

really starts to dog us

the windy daze of September


will be patiently standing by.


And by the time of October

when summer is truly over

the cool notes of November


will be waiting in the wings.


And when December starts to snow

and the cold winds blow

there will appear the fat man of Santa


who sometimes sings.


But there may be a Clause

in Santa’s contracts

that forbids him to say

“ho, ho, ho, ...”

because it may offend

some people who lay

flat on their backs

and make a lot of dough.


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