Humor and Philosophy.06




A stranger is one who strays onto the range

and a ranger is someone who detects those who are





History may be his story

but her heritage is to inherit the glory.

For in her it may be seen

the nobility of a regal queen

even if her name is not Princess Lori.




“The only thing to fear is fear itself”

and fear may act like an agent that is deft

but will take out anything of value

that may be left.


And in the polar regions there is just ice

or so at least it appears.

And injustice is often not a result of the roll of the dice

but a consequence of fears...


of doing the right thing.


The stock market bears will eventually leave

but what will the polar bears essentially receive

but an iceberg or two

or a broken ice ring.




A wise man once said

you don’t need hair on your head

to get a beautiful lady...

to share your bed.


A full head of hair will do you no harm

but neither will it put the strength...

of Sampson in your arm

or take the place of romance and charm.


News Item:Blagojevich


Did all of that hair

get in Blago’s eyes

supplanting his ability

for acting wise.


A great head of hair

is something to be admired

but if you let it go to your head

it might get you fired.


“If you spare the rod you will spoil the child”

most of the faithful still believe

but what will spare the Rod of Blagoj

from the jail term he might receive?





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