Humor and Philosophy.05




In the parlance of finance

in the Paris of France

the cost of wine makes it

expensive to dine.


Unless there was a chance

that the thought of romance

was somewhere near

the frontal lobe of her mind.




It is illegal to do something that is illegal
is a statement that is true
and the great American eagle swifter than a seagull
still flies the majestic sky of blue.

It is illegal to do something that is legal
is a statement that is false
but the lady at the North Pole who brings warmth to the cold
is the wife of Santa Clause.

But by the time of next Thanksgiving
will most banks be giving
back their share of the bail out check
because the economy will have recovered
because we will have discovered
a way to avoid a financial train wreck



Suppose that an NFL team awarded a certain star passer with a

Quarter $Billion contract. But if he then  starts to play real

lousy will the team be able to get its Quarter-($B)-back?




Math Humor


If the tangent space

contains a plane

in which there can be drawn a plan,

then can a certain tan gent

set the pace

for reviving the economy of the land?






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