Heroic Americans In Uniform


Uniformity is exemplified

by those wear the uniform

the fireman who courageously pried

the victim free...

from the wreckage of the storm.


The officers who are sworn

to serve and to protect

the citizens who have the responsibility

to observe and then to elect

the councilmen and the mayor

whose job it is to direct...


the operation of the city’s affairs.


But there are those in uniform

who uniformly cheat,

who on the coldest days

will steal all the heat!

These should be turned in by their peers

who are not afraid of being labeled a “snitch

because this will enhance their careers

even if they have to switch!


Because while a crooked accountant

can embezzle all of the funds

a vicious dishonest cop

can fire all his guns

at those who are not guilty

of committing any crime,

or he can frame the innocent

into doing a lot of time.


But a heroic soldier will walk a whole mile

under sniper fire and rough terrain

to rescue a helpless woman and her child

from the enemy’s oppressive pain.


And most soldiers wear the uniform

with a sense of patriotic pride

and fortunately in Desert Storm

they were all on our side.


And now that Iraq has been liberated

from a dictator’s murderous hand

our troops in uniform should be celebrated

when they return to their own home land.


And to all of those who proudly wear a uniform

and bring honor to their occupation

may all of their bosses uniformly increase

their rate of compensation!


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