Get Really N2 It


How are N2, into, “end 2” and “end to” all related?

Well the answer may actually be debated!

But there may be an indication

in the following communication.


If you are not N2

gangsta rap rhyme

but you want to put an end 2...

or a cap on the crime

then get into

the powers of two

and you can also check...

out that Algebra too


after you have mastered

Algebra One.


Math is the fastest...

way to make a buck

if you want to stay legal

and not stretch your luck.

In all the occupations

that you may choose

there will be some calculations

that you can use


if you want to really know

how to get the job done!


So what does N2

really have to do

with putting an end to

a wasted mind.


N to the second power

which we will write below

will rapidly make the numbers

and other things to grow...


because it is a special...

kind of multiplication sign.


And then there’s the cube

and the powers of three

ascending like a tube

to higher and higher degree.


So check out that N^2

which is read as “N square”

and once you really get N2 it

you will have power to spare.


Copyright © 2008 by Ronald H. Brady



Algebra Projects.



Take your math book out of whatever you have it

wrapped up in and just unrap it and read!!






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