Contemplations (#2) For The Y EYES ģ (June 16, 2008)


The price of oil is soaring

and the sound of the thunder is roaring

as the torrential rains

continue to fill the mid-western sky.

So the rivers continue to rise

as the dollar and stocks sink,

but many people still in no wise

will listen to those who think

that one possible reason why ... is


our comfortable synergy

with a high consumption of energy.


But doesnít it have at least a little something to do

with the apparent rapid rate of climate change?

And isnít it also true

that the dangers of smoking were once summarily denied?

And isnít it kind of strange

that most opinions on the danger of cell phones,

(with all those ringing tones)

are solidly on the industryís side?


But letís hope that problems donít also engulf

our national sand (bag) supplier

because the rivers will likely get more rough

much tougher and higher


until someone comes up with a strategic master plan

to move us to higher plains.


A plan that will not provoke

unfounded economic fear

and a plan that will not leave broke

or unduly interfere


with the tendency of Mother Nature...

to distribute and moderate her rains.



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