Money in lieu of love

is a substitution that is difficult to apply.

But love instead of money

will often produce what money cannot buy.




If your air is conditioned to being very hot

on days when cool it is not

then you may need

a new major appliance.


But if you seek to find a solution

to environmental pollution

then you need to major in

physics or science.


In civics you study government

and the actions of the legislature

in physics you study the consequences

of the governing equations of nature.


And there does exist

the conservation laws of Mother Nature

and she has a powerful fist

to make offenders pay her.




A pro is someone

who has a special skill

who after completing a job

will submit an invoice or bill


for a job that is first class.


Vision is the ability to foretell

or even to foresee

through stormy rain or hail

or other great mystery


the things that are likely to come to pass.



So a pro with a vision

to fulfill a need

should then make provisions

with full deliberate speed.


by acting upon his faith.


And so the vision of a dynamic pro

can make provisions to flow

as smoothly as a machinist


can operate a lathe.



So if you have a vision

to fulfill a need

you can start making the provisions

by planting the seed


of high expectation.


And so the visions of a pro

can make the provisions to flow

so that something good will grow


from that original visualization


of positive affirmation.


of a small





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