From The Ground Level


On the level ground everyone can see the summit

even at night if it is well lit.

But even if you are close to the edge

or far away from it

no one can see a negative summit

(which is the same as the bottom of a pit)

even if it is well lit.


So on the ground level

watch out for the devil

but look to the Summit

as a source of Light.

For it cannot be denied

that God did provide

even the moon and stars

to rule the night.




A Tough Out


If in baseball you are a tough out

then your agent will have a lot of clout

in the negotiation of your contract.

But it is tough to pull out

when the future is in doubt

about conditions in Iraq.


But when France was occupied

by a foreign force

it was not too tough for us to decide

that the proper course...


of action was to liberate their land.


So now we must decide

in the case of Iraq

whether to give them

their country back


or force them to live  under a foreign command.






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