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Rain in moderation

is like a gift from heaven

as long as the local precipitation

in inches measures less than seven


in places near the bank of a river.


But the twilight

after a clear summer day

can provide a most magnificent

celestial display


in the form of a glowing crescent sliver.



The Visions Of Spring

from the scenes of nature

are a wonderful thing

that we donít have to pay for


at least not as of yet.


But if we donít start acting

on our environmental responsibility

and show more restraint and sensibility


then we may have already seen things

as good as they will get.





If the complete set of equations

that governs all of nature

could all be written

on a single piece of paper


then it could cover

more than a trillion square feet!


So even if every year

you won the Physics Nobel Prize

and you were then certified

as super star wise


your knowledge of the Universe

would still be incomplete.




You are present wherever you are

because you were pre-sent

by the efforts of yourself

and when you leave perhaps by car

you will be absent from that location...


because then you will have left.




The Truth will not deviate from itís factual content

but an animal will often lie low and still in order to prevent

itself from becoming prey.

But if a lie is excusable to prevent certain harm

it should not be re-usable as an enchanting charm

by the greedy to bring more excess his own way.



The fame that comes from cheating

is often extremely fleeting

and will soon disappear.

So let your chances for success

always rest on you doing your best

and there will always be voices to cheer.

And if you do your best you will always win

on the score-board of a higher field

because you will have conquered the fear from within

of achieving less than someone else with a greater skill.




If two apartments were substantially different

would it be surprising if they did differ in rent?

But donít try to defer the rent

or the landlord may not permit you to stay

and his tenant may even be different

on the very next business day!



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