Natural disasters are events

that we all wish to avoid

because so much life and property

can be so utterly destroyed.

And although China appears to have had

far more than its share

the world community has quickly responded

with love, help and prayer.


Let us hope that the Summer Games 

may be played as they were planned

and that the spirit of the Olympic flames

will spread throughout the land

and that China will join

the world community at large

where the representatives of the people

are the who are in charge.


A poet can hope

and a poet can dream

that China will enter

into the global mainstream

and give freedom a chance

to be more than a minor

economic force

in the growth of China.


A new type of Air Liner was ordered by China

to increase it level of commerce

so that engineers can pursue their careers

and poets can write more pages of verse!

And China will soon be a major player

on the geopolitical stage

but first they must pay their workers

a higher living wage.



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