Commander In Chief...


In the summer

there will be times when they will call

a right hander in relief

but who will we call in the fall

to be the new Commander In Chief?


It's OK for a Commander in Chief

to shed a tear of grief

when consoling the families

of those who fell in battle.


But to play the gender card

when your campaign is falling apart

may be an act that is more akin

to those of the cowardly cattle!


A cow is OK

when grazing in the grass

but will it take a Bull to kick...

Osama's sorry ass!



Esoteric Musings and Humor



Things that are temporary

may have an innate tempo

but is that the reason why

they seem to come and go?


But periodic motion

is expressed via the waves,

and as seen in the ocean,

it is how nature behaves.


A valley is the mirror image of a hill

as seen from a reflective point of view

and the junky alley has now become filled

with old things that were once brand new.


But if substance is a mere substitute

for a more permanent stance

then all of those who think the Cubs

are cute

are living in a trance!






Information is simply knowledge about

the formation that the Universe is currently in,

but those who are locked out will have difficulty

learning about,

the formation of things that are within.


If something is out of formation

then information about it

may be of little practical use.

But if something is in formation

and is reported to be out of formation

then it could be all a clever ruse!



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