Sometimes it is a good idea to buy into your supplier

and that may be especially true if gas prices get much higher.

The American consumer should buy the oil company’s stocks

and put the dividends in their children’s piggy bank box.


And now that we have gotten the news that "Moses was on drugs"

and that maybe we’ll have to attack those Iranian thugs

who can we turn to if things go wrong?

And with all of the tensions in the Middle of the East

the price of oil is bound to increase.

But China is watching and getting more strong!


Could it be that while we are planning

to attack a third rate Iran

that China is preparing

its own attack plan?

But God will protect Israel: the Faithful do hope

but the Faithful don’t believe that Moses was on dope.

In preparing for our defense, we should never cease

but God will bless all who search first for peace.


If there is one thing that we have learned

from our Invasion of Iraq

it is that a strategic bad turn

is hard to take back.


So if you can only get ¼ of a gallon

of gas for a dollar,

then how can you afford

milk for kids to swallow?


Well the dividends may not put

you in a fleet of Rolls Royces

but Exxon could be

one of your better investment choices,

because if Moses was on drugs

and in God we can’t trust

then what will Israel and America do

if oil goes bust?



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