Ballad of a Climate Change Denier


In planetary motion via a Solar system ocean

of virtually empty space

the Earth makes its journey

while the prosecuting attorney

vehemently presses his case...


But is the consumption of fossil fuels

to do the work of a billion mules

really contributing to climate change?


And if the ocean temps should rise

by a few meager degrees

and some distant regions under polar skies

should no longer freeze


is that really strange?


We must get on with economic progress

because the environment is not becoming a mess


it is only a few things

that are being re-arranged...


like the ice bergs melting at either pole

because it is not sufficiently cold.


And the increasing severity

of floods and the storming

has nothing to do

with the earth warming


as we steadily increase our energy use.


All we need is cheaper gas

so we can drive our SUVís fast


why keep talking about

the environmental abuse?


And who has time to connect

the environmental dots

when there are so many great

money making hot spots?







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