Assorted Humor





There is great verse

and there is controversy

but a great nurse

can provide comfort and mercy

in an emergency.


Everybody pays tax

and sometimes will call the taxi

who will then speed to the max

or less than the maxi

all depending on the urgency!




It is very smart of the cultural mart

to sell the art of the up and coming artist.

But he who gets a head start in being tart

about useless art is one the culture’s smartest.


Yes it is smart to place in the mart

the best of the art that the artist has painted.

But it could be a legal tort if a physician does

not start

immediate treatment for someone who has fainted.




The con man had a non-existent tract of land to


and so he put a contract in the mail to be sent to

a prospective buyer.

But when the con got an in person reply, he thought

that she wanted to buy. But she was a certain kind

of pro who wanted the con to know that she wanted

him to hire her.


So he thought she was a buyer and she wanted him to

hire her. He was a con trying to sell phony land

and she was an undercover cop trying to entrap the man.

So a con trying to do his thing can end up being the

victim of a sting.




Place the wheat in an oven with the heat and soon there

will be bread to eat or perhaps something that is sweet.

A cake is also easy to bake especially if you have read

the recipe for bread.



A salute to Prince Harry in Afghanistan

where Osama and his band originally sprouted.

Perhaps now it will be our plan to thoroughly

invade the land of the Taliban and completely rout it.



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