A Few Good Lines Of Investors

Lined Up To Be A Buyer

Is Better Than A Dozen Professors

Saying That The Stock Will Go Higher!





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A Few Good Lines.....




Some on Philosophy and some on Humor

and tips for your kitty cat

and how to groom her.

And for this particular season

in the middle of the Fall

A Happy Thanksgiving...

and shopping at the mall




Beware of the Con Men:


A promise is what a Con will make

even though he knows that it is fake

in order to gain the confidence

of the gullible in mind.


But usually the victim of a scam

is not an innocent lamb

but is someone who will scram-

ble to buy a dollar’s worth for a dime.


But if we let certain forces in the economy

continue to run free

and give them sufficient time

then it could be that eventually

a dollar will be worth a dime.

At least for the assets of the

mortgages that are sub-prime.


So the victim of a scam

will find himself in a jam

if he tries too hard

not to pay a fair price.

He will become gullible for the deal

of a Con with great skill

in talking real smoothly and nice.



Misinformation In Decline

But in order to reach one’s full potential, it is absolutely essential that the gears of the differential of the intellectual power train are running smooth...

as in a productive groove.








And it is also quite essential

in achieving one’s potential

to think on a positive plane.

Because the secret of success

in doing your best

is to remove the obstacles

so that they don’t remain.



A Preview Of Coming Attractions...

In Gender Interactions


Traditional Relationships Among Men And Women:




But the cool lady will reply:


“I just want an equal opportunity

 to do all of the things that I can do

 and except for the real physical stuff

 I can do it all as well as you”



What about a “Pro Choice” for the guys?


It is OK to stay a virgin

until you decide to start merging

into the world of married life.

That is another way to say

“postpone the sex play”

until you get yourself a wife.




The Mid Fall Season will usher in

a legitimate reason for the winter wind



If the morning mist cannot resist

and should gently kiss

the air of transparent blue

then the winter wind chill

will gradually build

and freeze and kiss it too.


But Nature has chosen a land that is frozen

for an outdoor picture show

for no film can be projected on a silver screen

that can depict so beautiful a scene

as a mountain in the distance

with its trees covered with snow.


There will always be lovers

who will stroll in the summer

as they walk with the wind at their backs.

But while the bears hibernate in slumber

there will also be a certain number

of adventurers of winter

who will make deep snow tracks.


This is a season to give thanks

for the money in our banks

and for the love

of relatives and friends.

And it is also time

to express appreciation

for the stars that climb

in celestial elevation

to twinkle with the sound of a clear night’s wind.


We can also be thankful

that our constitution no where does state

that the people of our great state

can’t congregate to celebrate

a major Holiday.

But if in God we indeed do trust

then why make a big fuss

about school children

who silently pray?


We will save the kitty cat grooming tips for later.



If there is only one rodent in your house

a cat will delete all of that mouse.


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