Put All The Conns In A Roe!



If you took half a dozen cons

and lined them up in a row

and then instructed them to talk

either fast or slow


then Roe Conn

could represent each

in a superior impersonation.


But while Roe can be heard

weekdays on W-L-S

there is nothing that he has done

or to which he will confess


that will earn him the penalty


of actual incarceration.



Roe got his start

in commercial radio

by working real hard

way back in Ohio.


He then moved to Chicago

as a producer at W-M-A-Q.


And after doing a daily update

on the O.J. Simpson trial

he began to re-calibrate

his remarkable comedic style


and arrived at something

refreshingly new!


Adding a little comedy

to the day’s serious news

while also articulating

some well crafted views


he lampoons the dynamics

of the national political scene.


And his impersonations

of Paul McCartney’s ex-spouse

are so hilarious

in bringing down the house


that he may be commanded

to perform for the Queen!



Roe knows she has great talent

but he also should have multiple other clues

that Alexis Del Cid

will one day anchor the news...


on one of the major networks

but she will stay cool

and unspoiled by the perks


because any lady

who has the tranquility to enjoy rain

also has the intellectual ability

of a smart brain.






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