A Brand Of Brandy


A little brandy could come in handy

if you want a little relaxation

but if you drink it like a child eats candy

it could lead you to intoxication.



A Question About The Rhine


Does the Rhine River

rhyme with a “wine giver”

or with a “thin sliver” ?



It May Not Be Ice!


Be careful and don’t skate on thin ice

it could swallow you quicker than

you can swallow minute rice!


So please take special notice

that water is not ice

but an expensive boat is...

likely to have a high price.



Girls From Various Nations


A Russian brunette says “nyet”

but how does she say “OK”?

And while being as sharp as a girl

can get

her eyes are bluish-gray!


A lass from Japan

has hair way down her back.

Quantum mechanics she does not understand

but she runs the 100 meters in track.


Her hair is softly blowing

in the Ethiopian wind

and her smile radiates from

a beautiful bronze complexion.

And the beauty that she is showing

comes from deep within

and spreads warmth in every direction.



A German beauty

drinks genuine French wine

when she is not on duty

at a cafe on the Rhine.



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