A Bold Step In The Right Direction


     The election of Barack Obama as president would be a noble and courageous act on the part of the American populace. It would send a much needed signal to Americans of all ages, ethnic groups, levels of income and to members of both gender groups. Namely, that if a person works within the system and takes full advantage of all available educational resources, then he or she will have an equal opportunity of reaching even the highest office of the land.


     Of course every American child cannot grow up to be president but the election of the superlatively qualified Sen. Obama would send a message, especially to the young men who are

caught up in the vicious cycle of crime and poverty in the inner city, that it is cool to study and stay in school. And the young

men and women of the inner city would likely be motivated to be-

lieve that if they did study and finish school then they would have an equal opportunity to become accountants, lawyers, nurses and physicians, etc. Such an attitude would pay significant long and short term dividends to all of America. 


     The first African American to be elected president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama has also demonstrated a great political aptitude. He, unlike Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin, was rigorously vetted in the primaries

and did not have the luxury of refusing to answer questions

from the press. Moreover, he defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton in the primaries with one hand, intellectually, virtually tied behind his back. This was necessary because most of his advisers feared a big political backlash if he rigorously attacked or criticized the political positions of a woman candidate.


     A victory for Obama would also send a message to the global community, especially to our allies, that the United States now

recognizes that even a super power can’t always act alone or unilaterally when taking strategic actions such as the deployment of military force. Most observers believe that the solution of the problems that have arose in connection with the  global credit crisis, which many believe originated in the U.S., will require extensive co-operation from the global community.

This in and of itself is a crystal clear illustration of why America needs to improve its image in foreign lands. Obama has shown a willingness and an ability to accomplish this objective without compromising our national security.                                                                                                                                                                      And speaking of national security, especially in the after-math of the recent comments by Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, about Obama’s “spine of steel”, we have no reason to believe that Obama will react in anyway other than to respond with decisive and appropriate military action, in the event of some “testing crisis” that may be precipitated by the enemies of America. And in view of Obama’s expressed desire to seek, except in situations that require an immediate response, a multi-lateral response to crisis situations, the international community will be supportive of any military response on our part in reaction to a “testing attack”.


     The belief that Obama is a trans-racial figure is not negated by the fact that he enjoys a level of 95% or more support from the black community. It is simply an undeniable fact that white presidential candidates have received 100% of the Afro-American vote, from the black people who participated in the voting process, in every single previous presidential election.


     It has been often mentioned that Sarah Palin, like Bill Clinton when he first ran for president in 1992, came from a state with a relatively small populace. But it also must be remembered that Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Obama answers that with a distinguished scholastic career at Harvard Law School. On the other hand, Gov. Palin has an eyesight that is sharp enough to shoot Moose and also to see Russia from her Alaska front porch. And she also moves to a Rap beat, while seated, pretty well.


     And what does this say about the judgment of the man who is asking the electorate to put Palin in a position to be one heart beat away from the presidency?








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